University Medical Centre and Biomedical Centre of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine, Plzeň



The main purpose of the project of the University Medical Centre of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine (UniMeC) was the construction of the new campus part – a seven‑storey building with a total area of 4,960 m2 for five theoretical institutes: Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pathological Physiology, Physiology, Biology, and Biophysics. The building houses modern lecture halls, laboratories, teacher offices and other associated areas. The primary objective of the project of the Biomedical Centre of Charles University Faculty of Medicine (BioMeC) consisting of two buildings of laboratories and study rooms with a total area of more than 4,120 m2 was to create a high‑quality regional research centre with an entirely unique specialisation in biomedical research, specifically in the replacement and regeneration of organs. As to the design, both buildings are founded on large‑dimension pilots, while the main supporting system consists of a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The cladding is a combination of several types – a glazed aluminium façade system, a contact insulation system and a ventilated façade shell with brick tile elements. Both buildings (UniMeC and BioMeC) meet the parameters of so‑called intelligent building due to integrated intelligent technologies taking care of the building, managing it and monitoring its condition. This ensures the comprehensive management and administration of the entire building. Based on the Exchange of data and analysis, the system in buildings is retroactively controlled and managed more effectively.

Interesting numbers

4 120 m2

total area of laboratories and study rooms

4 960 m2

total area


Univerzita Karlova v Praze

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Civil building

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