Social responsibility

Throughout our existence, we have contributed to the fields of culture and sports, and we support projects and organisations that are particularly committed to helping people in difficult life situations. We prefer to build long-term partnerships.


Haimaom Foundation

We have repeatedly donated funds to the Haimaom Foundation in Olomouc, which helps patients with blood and cancer diseases, to improve patient conditions, improve the quality of medical care, and support the development of the bone marrow transplant programme.


Another donation in 2019 was made to the Foundation’s project “Art of Healing, Healing Through Art”, which included the construction of a new pavilion with outpatient facilities of the Hemato-Oncology Clinic of the Olomouc University Hospital.

SPOLU Olomouc Civic Association

We regularly contribute to the SPOLU Olomouc Civic Association, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that supports people with mental disabilities, by organising charity auctions, the proceeds of which are intended to aid the organisation’s social programmes.


In 2010, we also participated in the publication of a wall calendar, the aim of which was to bring the world of people with such disabilities to the general public.

Šternberk Charity

We have been a long-term partner of the annual Šternberk Charity Concert since 2007. The funds from these events support the charity’s activities and projects, which include home health and hospice care, a nursing service, the rental of compensatory aids, and many other activities.

Jitrocel Locomotion Centre in Olomouc

A financial donation for the purchase of rehabilitation suspension equipment and an electric walkway in 2015 aided the project of building the new Jitrocel Locomotion Centre in Olomouc, which provides professional neurorehabilitation, reconditioning and massage services to disabled people.


A second donation in 2019 was for the purchase of rehabilitation clothes and a special walker that helps children with support when practising walking.