The Centre of Research Institutes and Doctoral Studies, Masaryk University, Brno



The purpose of the Centre of Research Institutes and Doctoral Studies (CVIDOS) is to improve the existing teaching and extend the premises by nearly 3,985 m2. New spaces for research and self-study to be used by 6,720 students and 220 doctoral students. The 1,875 m2 modern library is designed as an information and study centre. The building was constructed as a monolithic reinforced concrete structure with masonry cladding and brick internal non load-bearing partitions. An interesting fact is that given the confined conditions at the site and the depth of the ground water (approximately 1 m above foundation surface) it was necessary to secure the building pit with watertight bored pile wall. The monolithic construction of the basement was implemented as a so-called ‘white tub’ with bentonite mat insulation. The new six-storey multi-purpose building is designed as a stand-alone structure. Its overall appearance conforms to the character of the existing building to which it connects on the 2nd floor by a corridor. The 1st underground floor of CVIDOS is used for the building’s technical facilities and storage of a large book collection. The 1st to 3rd floors are used for library operations. Offices and a multi-purpose meeting room for employee gatherings, study and presentations are situated in the front part of the 3rd floor. The premium facilities for institute employees in the form of offices and laboratories are situated in the 4th and 5th floors.


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