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Hradec Králové


The new teaching building (the third to be built) of the Faculty of Science at the University of Hradec Králové is situated in the western part of the campus. The new project also includes the construction of a car park in the southern part of the campus and the installation of a fountain. The four-storey wheelchair accessible building C with a rectangular layout of 45 x 62 m has an internal covered atrium. The cuboid building has protruding planes of oriels, balconies and front terraces. The entire building has a regular grid of windows. The roof is hipped in two wings, with remaining surface covered by a flat roof. The atrium roof consists of three rows of triangular skylights. The floors are connected via the two major communication nodes consisting of a staircase with a lift. A walk‑though main corridor runs around the entire perimeter of each floor. Lecture rooms, laboratories, preparation rooms, computer and specialised laboratories are situated in the 1st floor. The 2nd floor also holds technical rooms, storerooms and teacher and postgraduate rooms. The 3rd floor is reserved for teaching and teacher facilities of the biology and chemistry departments. A lecture hall, a specialised laboratory, a computer laboratory, a seminar room, teacher offices as well as offices of the faculty management and administration, technical rooms and store rooms are situated on the 4th floor.


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