The F Hall of the TPO, Hněvotín



The campus is a part of the planned Technology Park Olomouc – Hněvotín complex. The aim is mainly to create the production premises for business in the light manufacturing field. The conceived F premise is designed as a standard rental building with the production and the warehousing operations, the administration and eventually the sale. The shape is designed in a simple shapes in relation to spatial usability of the land involved. The outdoor paved supply yards surfaces, designed for the movement of the large trucks, follow the production and warehousing spaces. The building is always complemented by the operational and administrative buildings-in, that are divided into operational and administrative parts. The hall facade is designed with the horizontal panels with fine profiling. The building includes the project of the guarded areas fencing.

Interesting numbers


parking places

58 991 m2

object area


number of trees

7 960

number of bushes


VHP Park Olomouc 5 a.s.

Structure category

Industrial building

Completion date