DORMER PRAMET production hall in Šumperk


The area for the large-size production hall construction is situated in the current DORMER PRAMET’s premises in Šumperk. The hall is divided into a partly two-storey production part and the two annexed buildings. The western annex is two-storey and there are the technical facilities for the hall. The eastern annex is also two-storey. There are the administrative rooms in the second storey and the production rooms in the first one. The hall itself is partly two-storey, which means that above a part of the production areas the second storey is designed, in which the technical facilities, changing rooms and the social facilities are placed. The hall includes the connecting corridor between the new and the current hall, in which the social facilities for the employees are situated. In the second storey, above the corridor, there is a machinery room, the day room and the changing rooms with the showers. On the roof of the western annex there are the coolers on the steel platform, that will be equipped with the anti-noise cladding. The new hall includes the following relocated and the new technological premises with the production machines such as the press shop, furnace room, cutting room, pad brushing, plasma coating and the KARDEX shelf stackers.

Interesting numbers

4 599 m2

bulit-up area

6 302 m2

floor area

47 307 m3

enclosed area


Dormer Pramet s.r.o.

Building category

Industrial building

Completion date