OMEGA 2023, Olomouc



The project enlarges and complements the current OMEGA sport centre, which has passed the partial modifications over the years. It is a complete reconstruction of the wet zone and its technological facilities, that newly include two objects. The first annex to the current building is mostly the two-storey object based on the massive reinforced concrete foundation slab and a non-basement part on the piles tied with the reinforced concrete belts. The sauna part is designed in the original composition in the form of a bio sauna, a steam bath, and the large Finnish saunas, that are intended for the sauna rituals. There is also the Kneipp path with the acupressure bottom and the walk-in showers. The relaxation room with panoramic view into the garden is accessible directly from the sauna hall. The indoor pool, the whirlpool and the cooling pool are newly designed in the stainless steel. As the pool part, so the sauna part will increase its area by twice the original size. Just the ladies’ sauna operation remains untouched by the reconstruction. The significant change is the expansion of the outdoor garden, where the second object is located in addition to the whirlpool. It is a panoramic sauna with the view to the garden and includes the relaxation room and the cooling pool. In its basement there are the technological facilities, the retention, and the storage tank for the rainwater.

Interesting numbers


number of lockers

93 m2

enlargement of the areas

47,2 m2

enlargement of the sauna hall



Building category

Civil building

Completion date