City Pop, Prague



It is a reconstruction of the former Borůvka’s Sanatorium in Prague, whose two buildings were connected in 1931 under the authority of MUDr. Vladimír Borůvka. Thanks to its specialization, this object has become a part of the significant historical events. In 1950, the Roman Catholic priest Josef Toufar died here as a result of torture. In 1969, Jan Palach, the student, was taken here with the extensive burns caused by the protest burning. Next to the memorial place on the building facade and the café with the exhibition commemorating their memory, 109 apartments are built with the shared common space and the first City Pop space in the Czech Republic. It is a concept of housing offering a fully furnished and equipped apartments suitable for short to medium term rentals, mainly for traveling workers, students and also for young couples and seniors. In addition to the structural modifications inside the current buildings, it also solves the design of the new layout and the accommodation capacity increase towards the courtyard by the two separate multi-storey courtyard annexes. The area of the roof terrace is used for the superstructure and the use of the free attic space for the attic building. The new annexes are designed as the additions to the courtyard block to the west by one tract. The annexes are fully integrated to the mass of the current houses, respecting the height, shape division and the expression means. Both annexes have flat roofs. The courtyard additions with the garage and the common room are designed as simple reinforced concrete structures, that are enclosing the future grass area of the small courtyard garden. The facades towards the courtyard follow the modification of the main building and have the modern glazed building character. The proposed structural modifications represent the partial corrections of the objects appearance. The facade on the ground floor undergoes the complete rehabilitation according to the preserved archival documentation. The object is equipped with the two elevators and does not have a classic reception. In the entrance hall there will be the “code” keys for the on-line pick-up from the renters of the individual accommodation cells.

Interesting numbers

200 t

of concrete reinforcement will be needed

5 000 t

of the construction debris is demolished yet

750 kg

the nails used for reinforcement of the current wooden ceilings

1 340 m3

of the concrete


Artisa Developer CZ a.s.

Building category

Civil building


Completion date