SUOMI Kindergarten, 6th stage, Prague



The kindergarten is situated in the centre of the SUOMI Hloubětín project. The kindegarten’s design reflects the elegant Nordic style and puts the emphasis on the use of the natural materials. The architectonical arrangement of the object is based on the expressive organic form as the house reminds of a statue and visually is similar to a fungus. The kindergarten follows the square and considering its content and character is a point of orientation of the public affairs in the locality. The object was designed as a two-storey with a basement part on the reinforced concrete slab supported by the bored piles. The supporting structures are monolithic reinforced concrete. The lower construction was built as so-called white bath, it means without the waterproofing The roof is flat with a typical order of layers. The facade is made of the wooden shingles from the red cedar tree combined with the aluminium cladding (the aluminium windows). The dominant interior element is the railing of the central stairs, that looks like the keyboard. The circular roof window and the light conductors provide enough light. The rooms are equipped with the acoustic ceilings. On the second storey there is a spacious terrace.

Interesting numbers


children capacity

516 m2

built-up area

706 m3

volume of concrete

810 m2

garden area


YIT Stavo s.r.o.

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date