Completion of the Campus of the Faculty of Medicine of the Palacký University in Olomouc



The solitary object is located in the premises of the hospital and the Palacký University and completes other big objects of similar function in this area, when there are the Theoretical institutes of FM of PU and the technical facilities on the east side. The FM object is designed as a four-storey without the basement. The ground plan is longitudinal, rounded and without the corners. The building is designed with a deep foundation on the bored piles. The construction is a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton. There are two functional units in the object: the educational premises and the catering operation. The building disposal is laid out as a five-tract with the classrooms along the perimeter and the sanitary and communication cores in the central tract. The dominant is the facade made of the light enclosing shell, that is formed by the spatially curved raster glazed facade of the triangular panels in the light grey colour. The roof structure is one-shell and flat with the extensive greenery and there are situated the two compact cooling units, that are hidden in the high parapet. The reserve source of energy is provided by a compact container set – the energy centre. This centre comprises of a power station – diesel generator with the standard starting system, the UPS rotational source and the feedback, that uses the energy of the UPS rotational source to start the power station reliably.

Interesting numbers

1 965 m2

built-up area

7 286 m2

usable area

38 318 m3

enclosed area

378 people

assembly hall capacity


Palacký University in Olomouc

Building category

Civil building

Completion date