Horácká arena Jihlava



The Horácká multifunctional arena is primarily meant for Jihlava hockey, however, an essential part of its use is also the organizing of sport, cultural and social events. The new building is divided into two separate objects. The main object, whose elliptical shape is given by the hockey field construction, is complemented by the neighbouring multifunctional object that provides the service function for the arena. It includes the accommodation, fanshop, gym, fitness and the beer hall. Both buildings are operationally connected at the 1st and the 7th above-ground storey and are visually connected by using the identical facade cladding made of the perforated metal sheet in red colour. Thanks to its colour and shape design, the facade termination in the upper part is supposed to remind the hedgehog spikes as a symbol of the city of Jihlava. The arena is connected to the existing building of the small ice rink used mainly for the training purposes. The materials and textures used are of the natural character and their colour concept is divided into three units – grey, black and red. For example, the auditorium premises are designed in the red colour, the entrances, corridors and the galleries are in black, and the inner visible installations are in grey. The roof cladding of the main building offers an unusual design with the placement of the four-lane running oval in the extensive green roof.

Interesting numbers

5 750

the auditorium capacity for the hockey matches

7 450

the auditorium capacity for the concerts

1 200

the auditorium capacity for exhibitions


parking places


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Civil building

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