The Centre of Energy and Environmental Technologies – Explorer (CEETe)



The Centre of Energy and Environmental Technologies follows the current VSB- Technical university of Ostrava building. The project results in the creation of a research and progress base for the education. In the CEETe object, a unique research facility will be built up according to the requirements of the modern energy industry of the 21st century, combining the laboratories for the research and development in the area of hydrogen and waste management, distribution, accumulation and use of the energy, including the H2 polygon and fast charging station for the research purposes. In the building there are its own technology, research and development laboratories, staff facilities, meeting and training rooms. It is a four-storey building with the L-shaped ground plan, with the fourth storey designed only above the central part of the building and with its mass exceeds the height of the lower storey. Whole object will be visibly designed with an overhanging cold facade, consisting of the photovoltaic panels set into a columnal raster system. The photovoltaic panels will be placed on all the facades except for the north-eastern part, where the green wall with the intensive greenery is designed, including the supporting substructure and the drainage system. The slate roof envelope will contain the photovoltaic panels and the wind turbines on the one side and on the other side there will be the greeneries and the outer gardens with the greenhouses and the beds intended for the biological research.

Interesting numbers

1 024 m2

built-up area

12 570 m3

enclosed area


VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava

Structure category

Civic building

Completion date