SUOMI Hloubětín residential complex, phase 2 OULU, phase 3 TURKU, Prague



The implementation of the second and third phases of the SUOMI Hloubětín project will involve the construction of an additional 196 residential units in a low-energy, Finnish style. These phases of construction named after the major Finnish cities of Oulu and Turku are a continuation of the first phase, ESPOO, in the new district of Prague 9 on the banks of the Rokytka River. The proximity to the Rokytka and the nature park that will gradually be created along its banks are regarded as the most attractive elements of the project, and the design of the development is based on this interconnection of river – park – living. The main idea of ​​the project is the link between the newly designed residential buildings and vegetation. From an urbanistic perspective, the communities can be regarded as two enclosed blocks surrounding an inner garden with a system of paved paths, green areas and small recreational elements. From the perspective of a city structure, the communities are analogous to classic city block. The design of the buildings is inspired by classic Nordic architecture, which is clear and direct in its forms and in distinguishing itself from the surrounding area with respect to the natural environment. In contrast, the organic shape of the courtyard is meant to evoke the diversity of the Finnish landscape formed mainly by lakes and forests. The architectural design of the building is based on clean lines and the shaping of facades using semi-recessed balconies, set back floors and overhanging attics on the top floor. A strong unifying element on all of the buildings is the use of fixed frames with sun screens on the main terrace of the top floor. The residential units are designed with an eye toward current client requirements and with respect for modern trends in the approach to housing solutions,

including the needs of handicapped residents. The project includes units ranging from the category of 1 + kitchenette up to 5 + kitchenette.

Interesting numbers

3 268 m2

area of above-ground floors

6 495 m2

area of underground floors

51 700 m3

building volume of above-ground floors




YIT Stavo s.r.o.

Structure category

Apartment house

Completion date