SUOMI Hloubětín residential complex, stage 1, buildings D1/D2, Prague



The floor plan of stage I of this new residential complex in Prague – Hloubětín is divided into two separate masses encompassing four sections with separate entrances. Each section is composed of six above-ground residential floors and two underground floors. The two masses share a common basement holding garages and technical facilities. Due to insufficient load capacity and different compressibility of soil in the subgrade, the construction is placed on a base plate with drilled piles, diameters of 620, 750 and 900 mm and lengths of 6-12.5 metres. The lower part is built as a so-called reinforced concrete “white tub”. The supporting structure in the upper part (1st to 4th above-ground floor) is formed by a reinforced-concrete wall system with a transitional floor slab above the underground parking area. A masonry wall system is under consideration for the 5th and 6th above-ground floors. Due to construction in the vicinity of the protection zone for the Prague metro, it was necessary to install a special vibration-proof layer under the transitional slab at the level of 1st underground and 1st above-ground floors. The vibration-proof layer is made by the renowned companies Getzner and Ekostar and it eliminates the undesired transmission of vibrations and structural noise generated by the operation of the underground line. The roof of the building is a single flat shell system that is not intended for walking above the highest floor. Terraces are formed by walkable roof with concrete pavement. Part of the walkable roof will be designed as “green” with a vegetation layer and mortar pathway. The façade consists of a combination of contact thermal insulation (made of mineral wool) and EPS boards with filling elements – windows, intermediate and separate balconies and railing structures. The residential complex offers a total of 149 units in the categories of 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette. Large garages in the basement have a capacity of 146 vehicles, while an outdoor parking area offers 28 spaces. The gross floor area in the residential section is 11,556 m2, while the net floor area is 8,929 m2.

Interesting numbers

8 929 m2

net floor area

11 556 m2

floor area in the residential section


parking spaces


total of units


YIT Stavo s.r.o.

Structure category

Apartment house

Completion date