Slavonín gardens, Olomouc



This is the next stage of the construction of the Slavonínské zahrady apartment buildings project, that is located on the south edge of Olomouc, in the quiet Povel district, on the Loudova street. Three apartment four-storey buildings with terraces and front gardens have been built in the III. stage. A big advantage of this project is the approach of the building to the disposition changes and the apartment furnishings according to the client change requirements. The houses are designed as a simple objects of a rectangular ground plan. The basement is partially in-ground and provides the parking. On the parterre ceiling structure between the objects, a part of the garden and the apartment front gardens with vegetative layer for the grass planting are realized. The balconies with the steel railing are designed on the facades. The railing filling is the combination of the HPL boards partial covering with the wooden decor complemented by the vertical steel feature in the remaining surface. The individual materials used on the facade are chosen so that the object fits naturally into the environment, highlighting the local character. The buildings are based on the piles, the lower building structure system consists of the reinforced concrete foundation slab with the supporting reinforced concrete walls and columns. The vertical supporting system of the above-ground storeys is composed mainly of the brick walls complemented by reinforced concrete walls and columns. The ceiling slabs are designed and realized as a reinforced concrete monolith.

Interesting numbers

4 540 m2

built-up area


parking places

50 990 m3

enclosed area




Marzio, s. r. o.

Structure category

Apartment house

Completion date