Nová Karolína II Residence, Apartment house A2, Ostrava



The A2 apartment building follows the construction of the apartment buildings in the centre of Ostrava. It is a new building of the apartment house with a close connection to the current buildings of the Forum New Karolina shopping centre, the New Karolina Park administrative building and the New Karolina polyfunctional building- I. and II. stage. Together with the previous A1 object, the A2 is set to close the block, which will be followed by other planned construction stages. The six-storey apartment building of 79 apartment units has four stair sections. The apartments of the 1BK-4BK categories are generally transverse oriented, according to the transverse system of the reinforced concrete supporting walls. Structurally, it is a wall reinforced concrete frame with the inner lining. The cover is designed to minimalize the energy costs. The facade is highlighted by the significant balconies “expanding” towards the park.

5 774 m2

floor area


parking places

2 263

built-up area

26 968 m3

enclosed area


New Karolina Residential Development II s.r.o

Structure category

Residential building

Completion date