New building of EkF- the annexed H building in the VSB-TUO premise, Ostrava



The new four-storey Faculty of Economics building will be used as the teaching facilities for the FoE of the VSB in Ostrava. The architectural design uses the ground setting of the building and follows the urban structure of the current objects in that part of the campus. The main object is based on the simple cubic volume on the rectangular ground plan covered by the flat roof. Above the fully built-up entrance storey, the ground plans of all the other storeys are designed in the U-shape, creating the accessible atrium. The annexed building is situated to the south part of the area and with its longitudinal axis follows the north-eastern facade of the current “H” building and is connected to the south-eastern facade of the new FoE building in the transverse way. Considering the object orientation, the maximum stress will be put on protecting the building from the solar gains. The shading technique will be installed on the facade in the combination with the optimal setting of the solar glazing factor to eliminate the gains. The building is evaluated by the SBToolCZ system.

Interesting numbers

77 000 m3

enclosed area

8 300 m2

built-up area

1 700 persons

building capacity


VSB- Technical University of Ostrava

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date