UTB- Reconstruction and modernization of the U7 object, Zlín



The building will be used as a college dormitory and hotel. The new dormitory plan is based on the current one. Due to the panel structure system, the plan grid of the supporting wall is observed, and the majority of the disposal changes takes place within this given plan division. The building is functionally divided into mainly administrative and relax parts in the 1st storey and the accommodation part in the higher storeys. The major change, designed within the Tomáš Baťa dormitory reconstruction, is the cubic annexed building on the west side of the building. The design of the annexed building completes the dormitory object in the visually significant direction from the intersection of the Štefánikova and Osvoboditelů streets. It is a communication space, in which the elevator and the fire escape are situated. The glass tube is complemented by the formally shaped material of the stair wall, that recedes upwards and opens the wider views of the surroundings the more the higher the visitor goes up the stairs. The tube shape is like the number 7, that represents the U7 code mark of the object. The annexed building rises above the current roof and is connected in this point to the newly designed penthouse on the roof, that has the function of a social leisure area. The bar with its base, the seating for the visitors and the sanitary facilities are there.

Interesting numbers

657 m2

built-up area

12 665 m3

enclosed area


total number of apartments


total number of beds


Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date