Residential buildings Uhříněves – Nad Volyňkou, Prague



The newly built modern residential buildings A and B + C are situated in Nad Volyňkou St. in the city district of Uhříněves on the south-eastern outskirts of Prague. On the north, the locality adjoins relatively busy Františka Diviše St. and an industrial zone, while to the south it is surrounded by family houses. The buildings are set on floating drilled piles with diameters of 630 and 880 mm and a length of 4 to 22 meters. In terms of structure, the lower part is formed by reinforced concrete, so-called “white tub” with a crystalline additive. The bearing structure of the upper part will be made of monolithic reinforced concrete, reinforced-concrete precast units and ceramic masonry. Balconies (loggia) are designed as reinforced-concrete precast units with considerable variability according to the architectural and building design. The façade consists of the thermal insulation anchored system “ETICS” based on facade panels made of polystyrene, supplemented with mineral wool. The entire built-up area of the buildings is 2,694 m2. Enclosed volume is 46,549 m3. The residential buildings consist of two structurally independent structures – building A and buildings B and C. Six-storey building A consists of two rectangular ground plans (A1 and A2) forming an angle of 48°. Building A has two separate entrances, the first leading from the main courtyard and the second serving as a common entrance to the underground garage. Five-storey building B + C is also composed of two parts. Part B has a rectangular ground plan and is formed by 1 underground level and 4 above-ground floors. Part C has a trapezoidal ground plan and consists of 1 underground level and 5 above-ground floors. Both parts, connected on a horizontal plane at an angle of 90°, share a common basement with one entrance. Building B has 2 separate entrances and building C has one entrance. On the 1st above-ground floor of the residential houses are cleaning rooms, bike and pram rooms and entrance halls with mailboxes. Parking spaces, cellars and utility rooms are located in the basement. The residential and commercial parts have 112 residential units and four studios. The residential units fall into size categories of 1 room + kitchenette to 4 rooms + kitchenette, of which five units of the size of 4 rooms + kitchenette have an area larger than 100 m2 (including terraces).


CENTRAL GROUP Nad Volyňkou, a. s.

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Apartment house

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