AFI CITY – Building A, Prague



Unused industrial area ČKD Slévárny and Moury will get a new look thanks to a revitalization of the area. The goal of the project is to create a city district which will offer a pleasant place for work as well as living. Apart from administrative buildings with restaurants, shops and housing, the architectural study also includes a park, kindergarten, garden restaurant and a fitness studio. The main axis of the project is a promenade which also connects the area of AFI CITY directly to Kolbenova street. What especially stands out on the buildings, which are designed in symmetrical orthogonal shapes creating a simple composition, are the imaginative facades. To achieve a ‘city within a city’ look, the buildings (except for two twelve storey and eighteen storey dominant buildings) have different heights from three to seven storeys. The buildings are designed in a pragmatic and modest style of modern architecture, in which individual functional parts of the building are reflected into structured proportions. Thanks to the prominent height difference between the other objects the two high-rise buildings will be visible points of orientation of the whole AFI CITY area and they will define the entrance points from adjacent Kolbenova street. GEMO a.s., as a general contractor, works on the construction of administrative building A which will be a prominent feature of the whole area. Ground plan of the project is in a rectangular shape and is 24.25 m x 44.5 m large and 72.55 m high. The high-rise building with 18 floors will at first sight attract attention because of its elegant white facade with glass areas. Eastern and western facades are distinctive for their evenly placed plastic components which protrude from the facade.  The northern glass facade, which is divided by various protruding glazing laths, is special for its simplicity. The southern front facade which is facing Kolbenova street is accentuated by a big sunshade above the main entrance. The sunshade’s design will be reflected on the glass facade. The building’s verticality is highlighted by vertical sunshades which are irregularly bend and create the main design of the whole building. There will be a two-storey glass entrance hall at the ground floor and the rest of the space will be filled up with mostly shops and restaurants, those will be located on the second floor as well. Other storeys will function as offices. The intent of the project is to not only create an impressive building but to also connect it with recreational public places. That is why there will be a small square with green areas and water as well as benches on the side of a tower.

Interesting numbers

45 292 m2

area of 1st stage construction

33 544 m2

rough floor area

123 900 m3

enclosed area


parking spots



Structure category

Civil building

Completion date