Reconstruction and enlargement of the CHODOV Shopping Centre, Prague



New construction and reconstruction took place while the shopping centre was fully operational. The main part of the new four-storey building is located on the site of the former “Rose” Shopping Centre and above the existing parking facilities. Two above-ground floors with shopping units and two underground floors are connected to the existing shopping floor and car park. The reconstruction included both the expansion of the existing shopping centre and the modernisation of the car park, as well as the construction of temporary access routes. The construction work was performed within the scope of shell and core, which represents the completion of the shell construction, including the cladding.


In terms of the number of shops, the Chodov Centre is one of the largest shopping centres in the Czech Republic. The latest European retail concepts are being applied in the project, with the specific local features of Prague being taken into consideration. The ecological orientation of the centre is confirmed by the acquisition of the international BREEAM certificates.

Interesting figures

112,000 m2

area of commercial and catering units


number of multiplex cinema halls


number of seats in the multiplex cinema halls


number of parking spaces


Centrum Praha Jih-Chodov s.r.o.

Structure category

Civic structure

Completion date