AFI VOKOVICE, Prague 6 – Vokovice



The two seemingly separate and visually distinct office buildings, A and B, seem to form a compact whole and, thanks to their sculptural plan form, create a dominant feature in the attractive location of Prague 6. The six-storey building A forms the “back” of the multi-purpose centre, whereas the vertically designed eight-storey building B gives the centre its dominant “head”. Both buildings connect to each other through basement garages and technology facilities. The space between the buildings has been designed as a courtyard park with greenery and water features. Excelling in their technical parameters and energy-saving solutions, both buildings meet the LEED Platinum certification requirements.

Interesting figures

2,647 m2

built-up area

120,800 m3

total enclosed volume

10,848 m2

office space

2,366 m2

retail space


AFI Vokovice s.r.o.

Structure category

Civic building

Completion date