Polárka Hall, Frýdek‑Místek



A multi-purpose sports hall – the compact Polárka arena forms along with the Shopping Centre FRÝDA a new multi-purpose complex in Frýdek-Místek. Polárka Hall is used primarily for winter sports – ice hockey, figure skating and public skating. By covering the 58 x 28 m ice surface, an area for ball games such as handball, volleyball, basketball and floorball can be created. The hall is designed as a central space with stand along the sides and a gallery. The east stand has a capacity of 1,446 seated spectators and is accessible from the gallery on the 2nd floor. The main entrance hall for the public is situated under this stand with restrooms and space for refreshments and public skating. The west stand is designed for 593 seated spectators and is a part of the five-floor build-out with service and technical facilities. Other features include a seven-lane shooting range, a badminton hall with a variable layout, a warm-up room and fan shop. Polárka is equipped with modern and powerful audio-visual equipment, a winch for dividing the hall and an admission and cash register system connected remotely to other buildings administered by the operator. A significant design element was the use of the steel structure for supporting part of the roofing and cladding. The total weight of the entire steel structure is approximately 700 tons, including supplied high-strength steel.



Sportplex Frýdek – Místek s.r.o

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