Administrative building DOCK IN FIVE, Prague



A modern district DOCK IN in Libeňské doky, where our company has been operating on a long term basis as a general contractor of administrative and residential projects: DOCK IN TWO, DOCK IN THREE, DOCK IN FOUR, DOCK River Watch II, DOCK River Watch III, will be expanded by adding another administrative complex ‘DOCK IN FIVE’. This complex will enclose the compositional unit in the west part of the area and offer the largest capacity of office spaces. DOCK 05 consists of three buildings (J1, J2.1, J3) with shared underground floor, meant especiallyfor parking a partially also for technical facilities. The ground floor will offer space for shops and services, all other above ground floors will be used exclusively for offices. The property is designed as an administrative building with an option of a horizontal and vertical division into individually rentable units. There are three separate entrances for each part J1, J2.1 and J3. They always lead into ground floor entrance halls with reception. There will be a connecting bridge between buildings DOCK 05 and adjacent building DOCK 04 on the level of 3rd and 6th floor which will visually join both buildings. Seven-floor buildings J1 and J2.1 have a bent façade along the outer south and west side which is composed of horizonal ventilated windowsills in black and white combination. Thanks to the bending there are terraces along the whole building. The bottom parts of the terraces are covered with a ceiling from perforated yellow sheet of metal. Building J3 is cut off from the northern side which creates an effect of distance from the neighbouring residential districts. This oblique area gives space for a fire escape staircase. The remaining parts of the oblique roof will be covered with climbing plants which will grow out of flowerpots along the edges of the terraces. On the northern sloping façade there are terraces of each of the six above-ground floors, except for the ground floor where there is a strengthened area which functions as a semiprivate terrace. There is a connecting bridge on the level of 3rd and 6th floor between the buildings J1 and J3. The bridge will have a completely glass façade where the windowsills will have a non-transparent glazing and the remaining parts a transparent glazing. Orchard and terrain alterations in the surroundings of the buildings highlight the natural character of the area Libeňské doky.


DOCK 05, s.r.o.

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Civil building

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