Parking house Kroměříž



The two-storey parking house, that is partially in-ground, has grown out of the area of the former military complex in the close proximity to the historical core of the Kroměříž city, near the Květná garden. The garages are designed with the system of ramps over the half of the storey and their facade is open by the large vents for the ventilation and is complemented with the aluminium louvres. The concrete supporting structure is revealed in the design of the visible concrete and is coated with the transparent sealing coat. The roofs are green with a thin vegetative layer and the automatic maintenance. The information centre, the base and the covered arcade are joined to the garages. The vertical structures of the base and the information centre are designed from the brick blocks with the glazing. The dominant of the object is the small square, that is created by natural materials and the water feature with running water. Another interesting thing is the part of the facade, that is made of the concrete paving slabs with the graphic concrete on the motives of the Kroměříž gardens.

Interesting figures

2 678 m2

built-up area

4 109 m2

total usable area

17 058 m3

enclosed volume


number of parking spaces


The city of Kroměříž

Structure category

Transport construction

Completion date