A new residential premise of LAPPI Hloubětín has grown out of the former gardening colony called “China” and so it has supported the growth of the dynamically developing Prague 9 district. It follows the original SUOMI Hloubětín stage and consists of three apartment buildings, namely KEMI, RAUNA and TORNIO. All of them are designed in a similar architectonic style with reference to the Nordic architecture and aesthetics. The area is located near an attractive trail, that goes along the Rokytka river and is frequently used not only for sports and recreation. From the structural point of view, the buildings are based on a large-diameter piles with a monolithic supporting structure, that consists of the “white bath” in the underground storeys. Due to the proximity of the tram and metro lines, it was necessary to use the vibration isolation, that prevents the spreading of structural noise in the construction. Interesting fact about these objects is the use of air recuperation units in the apartments and the modular system of balcony railing and glazing. Due to the urbanistic design of the construction along the outer boundaries of the premise, it is possible to release the inner part of the LAPPI area for the park use. This park will create an imaginary green oasis between the apartment buildings and will bring a new life symbolically to an already aged area by using a cellular structure.

24 128 m2

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YIT Stavo s.r.o.

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Apartment building

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