Transport terminal Kuřim



The transport terminal project in the city of Kuřim is designed within the integrated transport system and provides solution for the transport service in the metropolitan area of Brno. The aim of the project is complete reconstruction and modernization of the current bus station and to increase the capacity of the terminal and the parking opportunities in the area mentioned above. Building-up the roofing of the bus station terminal and their expansion lead to the higher comfort for commuters. The bicycle centre was created too. It is comprised of 12 bike boxes and a container with social facilities for recreational use. The WIFI connection, charging station and digital information boards are also available. The construction of new sewage drain, water supply and public lighting, and complete renovation of pavements and roadway surfaces (??) around the station park and the Nádražní street took place at the same time as the reconstruction.

Interesting numbers


parking places

8 500 m2

compacted area

139 t

structural steelwork of the roofing weighs approx

3 338 m2

road made of interlocking pavement


The city of Kuřim

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date