Outlet Arena Moravia, Ostrava



The ground plan of the outlet centre has the shape of an oval ring, which is inscribed into the property boundaries and protective zones. The parking space for customers is located inside. The compound consists of individual buildings, which are separated by supply roads. The buildings are divided into business units, alternatively they can include a food court, technical facilities and administrative offices as well as info centre and security. Each business unit will have its own supply storage and sanitary facilities for employees. Pedestrian road, which leads to entrances into the business units, is in the shape of an oval ring with a parking lot for the customers in the centre of it. This pedestrian road is adjacent to the business units and is covered by a sunshade in its entirety.

The compound’s purpose will be mainly for shopping, but it will have additional functions as well – storing of goods for sale, catering for visitors and employees, administrative offices and technical facilities needed for the compound’s running. The number of business units is variable. Individual business units can be merged together in the future, based on the renters’ needs. Complete infrastructure will also be a part of the construction – sewerage system, water pipe line, retention of rainwater, roads for pedestrians and cars, park adjustments and paved areas including places for relaxing as well as a children’s playground surrounded by a fence.

Interesting numbers

22 392 m2

built- up areas – shopping centre buildings

19 340 m2

rough floor area of 1st above-ground floor – shopping centre units

708 m2

rough floor area of 2nd above-ground floor – shopping centre units

137 843 m3

enclosed space – shopping centre units


Euro Mall City s.r.o.

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date