Polianky multifunctional complex, Čerešně Dúbravka, Slovakia




Interesting architecture of the new building sensitively set into the environment. The individual buildings are intentionally given a unique and distinguishing character. The colour and architectural difference of the buildings, in addition to a touch of diversity, will also serve the clients in selecting the image of their new home and will contribute to the better orientation of residents and visitors throughout the facility. The layouts of the flats provide maximum utilisation of all the space. The use of large windows should not only ensure illumination of the desired areas but also provides fascinating views of the surrounding countryside. The flats are furnished with a balcony, loggia, patio or front garden. On the higher floors, the balconies and terraces have integrated greenery. The entire Čerešně complex is guarded by a gatehouse staffed on a 24/7 basis. The individual residential buildings are designed to form an enclosed courtyard. This area forms a common space accessible only to residents or their visitors. Thanks to an abundance of greenery and trees, it can serve as a rest area as well as a space for entertainment.


Structure category

Apartment house

Completion date