New building of the production premise of SOMA spol. s r.o. company, Lanškroun



The production premises of SOMA company consist of the pair of the production and installation objects, that are used to produce the printing machines. The new building is realized on the green field and includes the implementation of all the utilities and compacted areas. The supporting structure comprises of the reinforced concrete frame and the light outer shell, that is made of the sandwich panels. The inner division is composed of the basic parting structures, that are the fire-brick lining of the skeleton. The roofing is the combination of the insulation and the water-proof foil on the trapezoidal sheet, with the strip skylights on the ridge of each hall to provide enough daylight for the workplace. The ventilation and the outtake of hot air from the tested machines are provided by the recuperation system. The building has a north-eastern frontage with glass band, that allows a view into the production hall seeing the completed machines and the whole completion process from the outside. The north-eastern entrance with the columnal partitioning glazed facade is the dominant of each object.

Interesting numbers

5 860 m2

total built-up area

6 307 m2

total usable area

78 550 m3

enclosed area


SOMA spol. s r. o.

Structure category

Industry and storage building

Completion date