Administrative building ROZTYLY PLAZA, Prague



The architecturally original Roztyly Plaza administrative building is growing up in the location of the Prague’s Roztyly district, next to the C metro station. The elegant design of the six-storey building, that is raised to the seventh storey in the eastern part of the ground plan, is highlighted by the flying parapet that connects both sides. This flying parapet strengthens the feeling of the rounded parts and supports the overall shape of the building. In addition to the offices, the building offers the commercial units, the market and the gastro service. In the last atypical storey there is the roof terrace with the intensive greenery, that is furnished with a rich list of elements, such as summer houses or the garden kitchen. The project also includes three water features with the Flashwall technology used at the main entrance representing the artificial waterfall. This building has got the BREEAM Excellent in use certificate in the term of sustainability.

Interesting numbers


parking places

15 800 m3

of concrete

2 300 t

of steel

60 m2

of water features in the interior


Roztyly Plaza, a.s.

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date