Alfa Apartment house, Prague



The Alfa Residence apartment complex is situated at the intersection of the Mukařovského and U Jezera streets in the Stodůlky residential district. The complex is a visually exposed solitary building with 10 above-ground and 1 underground storeys. It is designed as a reinforced concrete column and wall frame with the supporting facade. The sharp edges of the building are in balance with the orthogonal structure of the surrounding buildings. In the contrast, the plinth under the vertical solitaire is massive, heavy, covered with the gabions, that are filled with stones and creeping greenery. The garden arrangements will be followed by greening the roof of the basement garage storey and the sprouting greenery. Considering the position of the metro tube, it is necessary to create the supporting bridge to transfer the load. The Gabion wall will provide the boundaries of the outside for the flat area, where the playground will be placed.

Interesting numbers

27 100 m3

enclosed area

8 147 m2

floor area


number of apartments


parking places


Alfa Luka residence s.r.o.

Structure category

Apartment house

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