The polyfunctional building “INSADY” is located in the very centre of Brno, Old Brno cadastral area. Whole object is designed as a reinforced concrete monolith combined with a structural system and consists of three interconnected blocks A, B, C with an original architectonic design. It contains 137 apartments, as well as the commercial space and the administrative offices including the parking lot. The object is designed as a low-energy building with the most modern technologies, that is why a photovoltaic power station has been installed on a part of the roof and the remaining part of the roof is focused on the nature in the form of vegetative roof. Heat pumps are the primary source of heat and cool, all the apartments have their own air-conditioning and recuperation. All the technological elements can be controlled by the Merbon Visual mobile phone application.

Interesting figures

1 700 t

tuns of steel stored

4 400 m2

total commercial area

10 000 m2

total apartment area


LERAM building s.r.o.

Structure category

Polyfunctional building

Completion date