Depository of the Moravian Library, Brno



New six-storey depository building of the Moravian library was created by rebuilding the older one, that is very close to the building in the Kounicova 65a street in Brno. These two objects will be joined by an existing underground corridor. A part of the national cultural memory is to provide the storage space for the book collection that increases by 150 copies per day, which equals 1km of books to store per year. That is why there are installed the technologies providing an accurate temperature and humidity according to the corresponding standards. These technologies are supported by six heat pumps that create a cascade. The complex is comprised of two underground storeys, that are completely furnished as a depository and four above-ground storeys with administrative and sanitary facilities, including a space for the Moravian gallery. The supporting structure is made of reinforced concrete frame, supplemented by steel construction that supports the reconstructed ceilings. The installation of so-called Corten facade and an adjustment of vegetation by extensive greenery bring the positive environmental benefit.

Interesting numbers

3 790 m2

the area of shelf system

4 052 m2

floor area of deposit storeys

6 210 m2

total usable area

23 560 m3

enclosed area


Moravian library


Structure category

Civil building

Completion date