Miele Production Plant, stage II, Uničov



The architectural design took into account the urban concept of the neighbouring plants. The second stage included the addition of a production and assembly hall, an extension to the operations building, and a waste management facility.


The assembly hall has an approximately rectangular floor plan and is structurally and operationally related to the existing assembly hall from stage I. On the north and south sides, the hall is bordered by dispatch areas with gates and loading bridges.


The hall is designed as a seven-bay hall. The ground floor of the building is used for receiving and dispatching products, and on the first floor is office space with facilities.


The extension of the operations building is intended for the administrative and social part of the Miele plant. It is a two-storey building without a basement, located on the southeast corner of the assembly hall. The extension of the operations building is designed as a rectangle and is connected to the existing operations building. The waste management facility is intended as a shelter for waste containers.


The building is closed on three sides; only the front side is open with one support in the middle.


Miele technika s.r.o.

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Industrial structure

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