Manufacturing Facility of MILACRON Czech Republic, spol. s r.o., Polička – stage B1



The construction of the new manufacturing area of ​Milacron includes the construction of manufacturing and storage facilities – hall A1 (including a two-storey office building) and the adjacent halls A2 and B1. The buildings of all the halls consist of a ground-level reinforced concrete skeleton with sandwich cladding and a flat roof with skylights. From a functional point of view, the halls are intended for the manufacturing and storage of technology and equipment supplies for the manufacturing of injection presses, which produce plastic containers for liquids.

Interesting figures

48,056 m2

total land area

20,937 m2

built-up area of buildings

12,604 m2

built-up area of roads


MILACRON Czech Republic, spol. s r.o.

Structure category

Industrial structure

Completion date