Construction and modernisation of FI and ICS MU – Stage 1 and 2, Masaryk University, Brno



The construction of the Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (CERIT) implemented the plan – the development of a highly advanced scientific‑,pedagogical and scientific‑,research centre at the Faculty of Informatics and the Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University. The building was constructed as a monolithic reinforced concrete structure with peripheral sandwich cladding made of ceramic facing masonry. Technologically noteworthy is the use of chilled ceilings, which are based on the placement of cooled pipes in the monolithic ceiling of the building. The construction of the new building was preceded by extensive demolition of the entrance part of the existing fakulty building, including the demanding relocation of all utility networks and installations connecting existing buildings B and C. Stage I included the construction of six‑,storey building A1 and connected underground park P2 with a total capacity of 132 parking spaces and also the construction modifications of existing buildings B and C as well as landscaping work. The above‑,mentioned car park, technical room, electrical centre and an engine room for a diesel generator are situated on the 1st floor. An emergency power supply without voltage drop DUPS (Dynamic UPS) with an output of 1,250 kVA for the needs of the data room is situated here. The entrance hall with reception and supervisory centre, presentation room, library and restrooms are situated on the 1st floor. Scientific‑,pedagogical and scientific‑,research facilities, lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories are located on the 2nd to 4th floors. Specialised laboratories with technical facilities are situated on the 5th floor along with the two data centre rooms, including the HVAC engine room and a high‑,pressure water mist extinguishing system. The second stage of the integrated project of CERIT Science Park included the construction of a science and technology park and a business incubator specialising in information and communication technologies. It is an annex building to the eight‑,storey A2 building, where specialised laboratory, meeting, teaching and presentation rooms and mainly office spaces leased to external businesses are situated. Another annex included covered car park P1 in the court area and construction work connected to building C.



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