Baluo Application Centre, Olomouc



The BALUO (Bases of Application Life Utilities Olomouc) Application Centre is a kinanthropologic centre focused on transferring the results of research on human movement into practice. In addition to faculty research, it also serves the commercial sector. The main buildings of the centre are the sports testing hall – building C, with a spacious gymnasium and connected gymnastics gymnasium and testing swimming pool – building D. Both buildings are connected by an underground monolithic tube, which also holds technical infrastructure lines. A special feature is the use of a part of the façade as a climbing wall with climbing routes and a “boulder wall”. The remaining surface area is fitted with climbing holds for purely aesthetic reasons. Skylights are fitted in the roof and in the hall, providing natural lighting in the rooms on the second floor.

Interesting figures

25 m

length of the swimming pool


the number of blocks that make up the building


climbing routes


Palacký University in Olomouc

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Civic structure

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