Vila Park Tabulový Vrch in Olomouc, Stage 2



This apartment construction represents a residential complex of three-storey villa houses, situated on the border of the west periphery of Olomouc with a landscape view. The villa houses are divided into five stages creating separate blocks. The functional units, concentrated around their private courtyard, thus form their own semi-private courtyard. Every block is designed with a slightly different architecture and consists of the group of six to nine houses. These are set on the common basement, that is used for the underground parking, the cellars and the utility rooms. The above-ground parts are designed as the compact rational volumes of a rectangular ground plan with a light-coloured plaster in the combination with the wood lining. The masses are complemented by the accents in the form of the sliding shading and the white horizontal stripes on the objects. The supporting structure is designed as a reinforced concrete monolithic in the combination with the brick walls. Some of the enclosing walls are brick in the above-ground storeys. Structurally, it is a skeleton and the combined wall system. The layout is simple and generous, based on the effect of a large grass area with the solitary trees.


The entire site has been designed by the Chybík + Krištof Architectural Studio, which has won several prestigious architecture and design awards, including the American monthly Architectural Record’s Design Vanguard Award in 2019.

Interesting numbers


parking places


number of apartments

5 749 m2

usable area of the apartments

3 358 m2

greenery area


Vila Park Tabulový Vrch Olomouc s.r.o.

Structure category

Residential building

Completion date