A new open concept of store networking with a shopping passage called “strip mall” will be built on the spot of the original shopping centre Spektrum in Čestlice, East of Prague. Dispositional solution includes main hall, which contains multiple units stationed all over the depth of the object. The general public has access from one side, while the other side works as a supply delivery area. The building facility provides the renters the option of built-in duplex units, meaning the accessibility to the second floor in order to enlarge the store area.

The floor plan of the building is L-shaped, the surrounding space contains a car park and trees. The composition also includes a stand-alone oval shaped object designated for fast food restaurants, cafes as well as a playground and water features. Thanks to the transparency of the coat and the creation of the chink-less homogenous and unified mass, the interestingly shaped building has a light and airy feeling to it. A running solid awning acts as a expressive element of the facade that will provide the future visitors of the centre with comfort in case of bad weather.The main part of the store units’ facade is primarily made of pronounced, vertically segmented glass surfaces with grey construction elements, which are in contrast with the white mass of the object. On the entrance portals there are naturally illuminated glass panels, metal tiling as well as natural materials like wood and stone. The combination of artificial stone with a vertical green wall is prominent on the informative poles. The logos of the tenants are displayed in front of those.

The entrance to the car park is situated on the same spot as the original entrance to the original car park. The pedestrian connection between the shopping centre Spektrum and the opposite shopping unit will also remain the same. The pavements are situated around the new shopping unit.

Interesting numbers

2 534 m2

shopping area of various shopping units:

978 m2

shopping area of the supermarket

150 m2

areas for the gastronomic services guests

70 m2

office areas for the administration of the centre:

5 981 m2

area of the surrounding greenery


CPI Property Group Czech Property Investments, a. s.

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date