Libeňské doky (Libeň Docks) – West – stage 3, houses Z7-Z9, Prague



At this stage, our company is building residential houses Z7, Z8 and Z9, including the construction of appropriate technical infrastructure. The WEST locality lies between the service road following the line of the flood protection zone and the western pool of the former shipyard. The site is bounded on the south by a pedestrian promenade running through the centre of the Libeň Docks. The WEST locality consists of a free structure of volumes fitted into the soft landscaped terrain on the western banks of the pools in Libeň Docks. The proposed development consists of three freely composed groups of three 5 to 6-storey buildings surrounded by greenery. The development site extends to the park path along the eastern bank of the western pool in the original shipyard. This bank is preserved in its natural appearance maintaining a part of the original interesting vegetation, complemented by new plants in areas with aged or damaged original vegetation. This site is designed for comfortable high-standard living. One of the essential qualities is the scattered layout of the buildings in the greenery, which is also enhanced by terrain modelling that completes the private and semi-private areas around individual buildings, the unobstructed view of the water surface and green mass of Thomayer Park, and the size of each individual building allowing the majority of the flats to be oriented to two or more cardinal directions. The northern part of the site is bounded by the construction of the flood protection measures, including a road that is to be visually separated by greenery, with a height difference of 1.5 m. The footpath that runs along the bank connecting the South Site at Libeňský Bridge and Thomayer Park is designed with a certain vertical clearance so as not to interfere with the adjacent buildings. The territory of the bank edge with the footpath will be designed in separate proceedings and documentation. Individual groups of houses (Z1 – Z3, Z4 – Z6, Z7 – Z9) are organised around communication cores connected by a short communication junction to the external service road.


River Watch 2, s.r.o.

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Apartment house


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