Aqualand Moravia, outdoor attraction expansion – stage 1, Pasohlávky



Stage one has added a number of outdoor attractions and a summer season entrance with visitor facilities to the aquapark’s existing premises. An interesting feature is a “smart” water slide that resembles a roller coaster. It is a unique attraction, with the only other similar one in Europe being situated in the Canary Islands. The technology of the water slide makes it possible to weigh the passengers first and then regulate the pressure of the driving water. The complex is very dynamic in terms of height; there are two underground floors under the paved areas where all technologies are installed, and two floors rise above the terrain. All the aquapark’s attractions are supplied with treated water from the nearby Nové Mlýny Reservoirs.

Interesting figures

20,848 m2

development area

2,963 m2

area of outdoor attractions

11,863 m2

green area


STC Managements, s.r.o.

Structure category

Civic structure

Completion date