Annex to the Slavonic Grammar School in Olomouc



The project is designed as a new five-storey annex in the courtyard of the existing Slavonic Grammar School. The modern design of the annex sensitively respects the original historical building and is connected to the 140-year-old structure on each floor. The new part houses modern, specialised classrooms for teaching physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science, as well as a digital language laboratory for teaching foreign languages. Spaces were enlarged for quality teacher facilities and for teaching in classrooms. The construction included a new kitchen and a cafeteria serving lunches. The basement under part of the building houses students’ locker rooms and operational and technical facilities. A unique solution in the form of a multipurpose outdoor sports field was built on the roof of the new annex. Noteworthy architectural and technical features include the concrete façade, made as a system of suspended reinforced concrete Monier tiles, i.e. thin reinforced concrete walls.

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capacity of seats in the cafeteria


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Civic structure

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