Honourable Mention to the Stage C of Vila Park Tabulový Vrch

13. 04.


The Stage C of the Tabulový Vrch development project in Olomouc was awarded the Honourable Mention in the 10th year of the Building of the Year Award in the 2022 Building of the Year of the Olomouc Region competition. The winning ceremony took place on Wednesday the 12th of April in the Václav the III. Hall in the Olomouc Regional Museum.

Stavba roku 2022

Due to the low number of the registered projects, the Building of the Year Title in the Building for living and recreation category was not awarded. Nevertheless, the GEMO group was the only one in its category to get the Honourable Mention for the Stage C of the Vila Park Tabulový Vrch project from the expert jury.

The Vila Park Tabulový Vrch residential project represents the residential complex of low three-storey villa houses situated on the west periphery of Olomouc.

When completed, the healthy living over the city project will offer 460 apartments in 7 stages.

The project’s investor is Vila Park Tabulový Vrch s.r.o., the author of the project’s design is the architectural studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS s.r.o. and GEMO a.s. company is the general contractor.