Bricklaying robot for the first time in the Czech Republic and on the construction by GEMO

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Tireless, precise, controllable, and undemanding. This is how the developers from KM Robotics and Wienerberger describe their bricklaying robot. It was tested in the live operation on a construction site on the 4th of October for the very first time. And it was nowhere else but on the construction site of GEMO a.s. in Šumperk.

The advantage of the robot is the bricklaying of long, straight walls, while the manufacturers claim a bricklaying speed of up to 10 m² per hour. A human operator uses the tablet to set the place for bricklaying and the robot independently takes the brick from the pallet, applies the construction binder and lays it in the specified place. One robot can replace the work of a bricklaying crew. Bricklaying can be carried out up to the height of 275 cm and requires the use of special RR (Robot-ready) bricks. These bricks do not differ from the standard bricks in technology and quality, but in addition they have only special grooves for grip.


The bricklaying robot was tested on a real construction of the industrial hall of Dormer Pramet in Šumperk, which GEMO a.s. is the contractor of for the first time. “Nowadays, it is really hard to find a quality bricklaying crew and we see the robotic bricklaying as a great opportunity for the construction industry.” said Dominik Procházka, project manager.


However, the robot won’t take the work of the bricklayers, the manufacturers themselves present it as a helper, which will help to eliminate, among other things, the strenuous handling of bricks. In addition, the robot’s current abilities do not allow it to carry out the first row of wall foundation, as well as corner cuts and lining. The manufacturers also hope that the robot could make the bricklaying profession more attractive to the younger generation.


Series production will begin at the end of this year and the manufacturer plans to use at least 9 robots next year. The price of one is estimated at approximately CZK 19 million.