REKO FS, Olomouc



The REKO FS project included the construction of six buildings on the main Ander Stadium of SK Sigma Olomouc and at the training grounds in the Řepčín district. The existing stands will be enlarged at the training grounds to improve facilities for youth football teams and for hosting tournaments. The layout of the building is divided into two floors. The 1st floor is built into the existing stands, partially increasing their original footprint. This space is intended for changing rooms, store rooms, technical facilities, the main entrance and restrooms for public. Changing rooms for athletes and referees and a lounge are situated on the 2nd floor. The project also includes the construction of four twenty-five metre 600 lux poles. The reconstruction of Ander Stadium included the interior of the existing facilities and the completion of the existing southern face of the football stadium. The purpose and use of the building have not changed. Only operational and layout modifications were made arising from the requirements of the operator and investor to modernise the facility areas



Structure category

Civil building

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