Libeň docks – East site – DOCK A, Prague 8



The investor of the project aimed to redevelop the former Libeň ship- yards into residential and administrative buildings. The original ship- yard pools were used as attractive natural facilities for the new com- plex. The area is divided into several sectors – the backbone consists of three newly built roads, with connections to each site named after the cardinal directions (“East”, “Centre”, “West”, “South A” and “South B”). The “East” site involved the construction of residential buildings V2, V3 and V4 and the associated technical infrastructure. The architectural design of the residential buildings was based on the principle of using two unequal prisms on top of each other – the larg- er, lower prism forms the 1st – 4th floors and the smaller upper prism forms the 5th floor. Along the building’s perimeter, the recessed 5th floor is extended with a pergola up to the attic, which allows the attach- ment of textile awnings and the planting of vines. Private front gardens enliven the ground floor spaces. The space between the buildings and the front gardens features a staircase leading to a promenade along branches of the Vltava river. All houses have direct and unlimited ac- cess to the pier and docks. Available units range from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom flats. The top floor features maisonettes.


DR BC4, s.r.o.

Structure category

Apartment house

Completion date