Development of Flora II Fairgrounds, Olomouc



The objective of the revitalisation project of the Flora Olomouc Fairgrounds, which includes the renovation of existing main exhibition hall A1, enlargement of hall A2 and the new construction of a service building with a restaurant was to create a modern and comfortable environment in line with new exhibition standards. The designer of original hall A from 1971 as well as the entire renovation and annex building is Petr Brauner. Renovated hall A1 follows the original architectural plan. The structure of the hall evokes a feeling of space and fulfils the function of a multi‑purpose hall suitable for exhibitions, trade fairs, and cultural and social events. A part of the 2nd floor of the hall A1 consists of a roof terrace connected to the service building via a steel bridge with membrane roofing. Hall A2 was enlarged to increase the current exhibition capacity. It is designed as a two‑storey building with a basement connected to the southwest part of hall A1 and its gallery. The service building consists of two architecturally integrated but operationally separate parts, which include a restaurant and the four‑storey administrative building of Výstaviště Flora Olomouc a.s.


Statutární město Olomouc, Výstaviště Flora, a.s.

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Civil building

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