Construction of building ‘G’, Technical University of Liberec



The creation of the new research, development and teaching centre of the Technical University of Liberec contributed to improving the conditions for the innovation of study programmes, teaching quality and scientific work. The four-storey building holds 2,000 people and serves as the main teaching building for the university. It is designed as a linear structure, longitudinally embedded in the slope of Na Skřivánku Hill and closing the area of Studentské náměstí and main university campus to the east. A wide staircase dominates the centre of the building that connects the level of the square with Boční Street and opens the pedestrian route leading further to the Harcovský residence halls. The building’s widest point is on the 3rd floor, which houses teaching, social and assembly spaces. At this level, auditoriums and lecture halls protrude eastward from the main volume; their roofs covered with extensive vegetation gradually merge with the terrain. The building with a total area of 9,400 m2 is designed with a low-energy building standard. The layout of the building follows the outline of the university campus from the 1950s. The dominant location, shape and size rank the G-komplex among significant buildings in Liberec and the surrounding area.

Interesting numbers

2 000

capacity of people

9 400 m2

total area


Technická univerzita v Liberci

Structure category

Civil building

Completion date