Completion of the Futurum Shopping Centre, Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové


The most popular shopping centre in the Hradec Králové region now offers over 110 stores on an area of about 35,000 m2. The annex to the shopping centre was built on undeveloped supply yard land and on the roof of the building that served as a car park. The construction of the extension was unique in that it was built under full operation, while en- suring the safety and health of the visitors.

The single-storey steel roof superstructure increased the sales capac- ity by creating a new gallery with retail units connected to the existing cinema and lobby. The new five-storey parking building with an access ramp and the centre’s supply yard holds 1,250 cars. As part of the de- velopment of the public spaces, a junction was built with spaces for car and pedestrian traffic.


Euro Mall Hradec Králové Real Estate, s.r.o.

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Civic building

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